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A detailed history of Pakistan vs New Zealand ODI encounters

Pakistan cricket team is  about to travel to New Zealand and the 2nd ODI there will be the 100th ODI played between the two countries. So far, it’s 53-42 in the favour of Pakistan with 1 tie and 2 no-results as well. Overall, Pakistan is ahead with a lead of 11 matches but in recent years, New Zealand has improved a lot against Pakistan in ODIs. They have won the last 6 ODIs against the Men in Green.

As far as decade-wise result is concerned, New Zealand is ahead in 3 decades. 2-0 in 70s, a closely contested 9-7 in 80s and also 10-5 in the current decade so far. This gives 9 matches lead to the Kiwis. Pakistanis were ahead in 2000s with 18-14, still a 5 match lead for them but there was a 90s as well in cricket history. Pakistan clearly dominated the ODI encounters against New Zealand in 90s. It was 23-7 in 90s for Pakistan which gives them the lead.

Now, Pakistan vs New Zealand ODIs according to the host countries. Both the sides are  ahead at home, the Kiwis lead 26-15 while Pakistan has a lead of 17-3 at home).

Pakistan leads 21-13 at the neutral venues. Among the neutral countries, Pakistan leads 13-5 in the United Arab Emirates, 3-1 in England, 2-1 in South Africa & 1-0 in Singapore whereas New Zealand has a lead of 3-2 in Sri Lanka, 1-0 in Kenya & 2-0 in India.

Both the teams have played ODIs against each other not only in the bilaterals but also in different ODI tournaments. The bilaterals have been closely contested as the Kiwis lead 34-32 against Pakistan but PAK is ahead with 21-8 in the ODI tournaments.

In the major ODI  tournaments, PAK made it 3-0 in Austral-Asia Cup & the Kiwis have 3-0 in ICC Champions Trophy. Pakistan leads 6-2 in the ODI World Cup.

These two teams are also famous for playing semi-finals of ODI tournaments against each other. A total of 7 ODI semi-finals have been played between these two sides. New Zealand won both the semis in ICC Champions Trophy while Pakistan won the two ODI world cup semis. 3 semis also went to Pakistan in Austral-Asia Cup. It makes 5-2 in Pakistan’s favour.

Two finals as well between Pakistan & New Zealand. Both times, it was a triangular tournament. The Kiwis won the tri-series final in Sri Lanka in 2003 whereas Pakistan took the Sharjah tri-series final in 1996. So, it’s 6-3 for Pakistan in all the knockouts.

Consecutive ODI wins. The New Zealand side has improved a lot in the recent years against Pakistan in ODIs and currently they are on a six-match winning streak. But Pakistan has registered 6 consecutive ODI victories against the Kiwis more than once,  first it was in the late 90s and then in early 2000s. The maximum Pakistan got was a 7-match winning streak vs New Zealand which was achieved in early 90s.

It has been great fun watching the Pakistan vs New Zealand ODIs over the years & let’s hope that they play more superb cricket in the near future.

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