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Cricket in Hong Kong, Oman, UAE & Canada – The influence of overseas crickets in these teams

We have seen that associate cricket nations like Oman, Hong Kong, Nepal, Canada and UAE usually consists of more overseas players than their native players. The players representing these sides mostly belongs to the Asian Sub-Continent.

These teams are usually comprised of 50-70% players who belong to other countries like India and Pakistan. That is a not a good sign and it is a matter of worry for cricket. Also very less chance is given to the locals. It is because players from abroad are given senior roles in the team and they performs better so the native players are not really tested.

It is hurtful in light of the fact that if a cricket team is utilizing their nation name yet their neighborhood players are not venturing up and winning it for their nation than there is no point of taking that group forward. Many people argue that these sides should be given a better status because of their revolution in cricket but they don’t realize that this is truly not their kinsmen exertion but rather an abroad offer assistance.

Teams like UAE and Canada produced some superb sensations in recent times, most of them mostly belong to other countries but they are being represented as if they belongs to the playing country which actually they don’t.

Primary motivation behind International Cricket is that country’s best use their talents and utilize them to please the nation’s name. However it is not the case in these associate states as their local players show little attention towards cricket.

This thing should be ended if they need to get better cricket status then a associate. Like in past we have seen Afghanistan and Ireland getting the test status because they are not only good in their game but also that they are native players playing for their country. This concept of playing with abroad players than local is a very little of use that the countries from which the players are playing that nation fans take interest in these teams.

ICC needs to think about making a fix quota of playing abroad players in the team and they should really take a step to discontinue overseas influence on these sides as it is annihilating the excellence of cricket. According to the ICC rule a player must have a country’s nationality to play for a particular team but some people think it should be more than that.

There should be rule that a player would be only eligible to play for his country means that he must be born in that country or have at least played u-13 and u-19 cricket for that country. It ought to be just connected if a player consents to get totally disengaged from his origination nation. This will really benefit the associate countries mentioned above as a players will get developed from a young age in the same country and he would be well known about the cricket there.

If this rules doesn’t get functional in upcoming years than cricket would suffer a great loss because we have seen that many players who played the junior cricket in other country and migrate to other country for playing at Intl level. There are many examples for these.

Numerous players frequently debilitates his local nation that he would relocate to other nation so he get more possibilities This is out of line as the mentors at junior groups put endeavors at a player ability and toward the end player chose to turn down his own particular nation due to extreme competition and settles on a nation where he would effectively get into the side.

A little attention by ICC could enhance this standard and they could also warn player of the consequences that if he leaves his country and join other country for just sake of cricket then he would get punished. This will avoid overseas influence on these teams and by this local talents would get chance and they could flourish on this international platform.

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