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How Kolpak deal have given favour to South African cricket?

South African cricket have changed in past few years and one of the main reason for the changing of their games is Kolpak deals. Kolpak deal is a deal in which a player who are retired or are close to retirements from International cricket sign deals with county cricket clubs and ensure that they will not play International cricket for their country during this contract.

Well, there were more rules to apply this deal but were rejected earlier. There was a rule that player should have not played for his country for 1 year to be eligible for Kolpak deal. This also includes that if you play for respective county club for four years you are eligible to play for England. The rule of 1 year was demonstrated when Ryan Mclaren was picked by Kent.

Even Though, there are many advantages of this Kolpak deal to South African cricket which includes all the black players which were getting underrated are getting more and more opportunities to represent their original identity globally. They are proving themselves in every aspect of the field and are giving fight to white players. Some important and good players were ignored way back because of racism but now this Quota system has helped them. 

Kolpak are good in anyway for each player and young cricketers from South Africa are moving to enjoy the facilities of Kolpak deals. This gives the player much more experience to perform well at International level. Again by giving the example of Ryan Mclaren when he played 2 years for Kent and forfeited his contract for last year to be picked by South African selectors. As you know, he turned out to be one of the lead all rounders in South African side past few years.

Coloured cricketers from poor families and infrastructure were ignored because of Educated and good families whites so Kolpak made chances for coloured players but on the other hand South Africa lose polished whites.

Moreover, there are many disadvantages for Kolpak deals. The most recent example we can give is of Kyle Abbot and Rilee Rossouw. Both of them were very valuable for the team and were performing awesomely well but this Quota system destroyed their chances in the XI. They were disappointed but were forced to leave their country for bread and to move to England for playing county cricket. Looking at this example many whites players in South Africa have changed their mind because everyone is not Ab de Villiers or Dale Steyn who survives in the team in any condition but overall it helps coloured cricketers which is the best thing about it.

Many white players only had two chances whether to fight for their place in the team or not making his family and security liability and move to England for earning money. Hope this Kolpak improves and continue being beneficial for coloured cricketers. Whites should also get proper rights but being an African coloured crickets should be preferred over white cricketers in South Africa.

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