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PAKvNZ FantaPredi Competition 2018

Assalam o Alaikum Everyone!

ClickCric presents another interesting cricket competition for the cricket fans and followers. Our aim is to entertain the Cricket Enthusiasts all around the globe because we believe that Cricket is a Global Game.

This time around we have decided to come up with a unique concept of combining FANTASY & PREDICTIONS. That’s reason why we named it FantaPredi Competition. The best part is ‘Daily Prizes’ for Winners along with the Grand Winning Prize like always. So, lot of fun and entertainment is coming up and hopefully every participant will enjoy the event.

You will find a post related to ‘Pakistan tour to New Zealand 2018’ in future, for the 1st time you have to REGISTER for the competition.

REGISTRATION (as easy, as you like):

Join Contest Group:-

Once you will Join the contest group, you will be automatically part of the League. Members who would like to join us in between the contest are more than WELCOME but their points will be calculated from next match.


  • 2 Posts of Series Predictions (1 before ODIs and 1 before T20i)
  • 8 Daily Prediction posts before Every Match
  • 3 Posts before 1st, 2nd and 3rd round for Players Pick


Points Criteria:


  •  1 Runs = 3 Points
  •  50/100/150/200 = 100/250/500/1000 Points
  • SR. 120/150/200/300/350/400 = 75/100/140/200/275/350 Points (Min 25 Runs)
  •  Boundaries 4s/6s = 5/10 Points per Boundary
  •  DUCK/Golden Duck = Minus 50/75 Points


  •  1 Wicket = 75 Points
  •  3/4/5/7/ 8 or more = 100/150/300/500/1000 Points
  •  Eco. Rate 2/3/4/5 = 150/100/75/50 Points
  •  Maiden Over = 100 Points (Double & Triple points if more in T20i)
  •   Hat Trick = 1000 Points
  •  Wicketless = Minus 75 points *Min 4 overs in ODIs and 2 overs in T20i* (exemption for eco. under 7 in T20 & eco. under 6 in ODIs)


  •  1 Catch/Stump/RunOut = 50 Points each
  •  3/4/5 dismissals = 150/300/500 Points

Match Points:

  •  Man of the Match = 250 Points
  • Best Bowler = 150 Points (Criteria: Most Wickets. In case of multiple, the one with impressive SR will be considered)
  • Best Batsman = 150 Points (Criteria: Most Runs. In case of multiple, the one with better SR)
  • Most Fielding Dismissals = 100 Points (Criteria: Most Catches/RunOuts. In case of multiple, the one with less assistance)

Peak Factors:

  • PowerPlayer: x 1.5 of earned Points
  •  Captain Points: x 2 of earned Points
  •  ICON: x 3 of earned points

Please NOTE that:

  • Iconic (ICON), Captain (Cap) and PowerPlayer (#PP) must be picked from the players picks
  • ICON player can’t be changed during ODI Series (First 02 Rounds i.e. 5 ODIs)
  • If ICON player is picked from PICKS, his points will be boosted accordingly
  • A Player can’t be a #PP, Cap and ICON at same time but max. 2 roles can be given like #PP & Cap or #PP & ICON or ICON or Cap


There will be total 3 Rounds in the contest as per following schedule:

1st Round: Match #1 and Match #2 of ODI Series (6 Picks, 3 players from each team)

2nd Round: Match #3 to Match #5 of ODI Series (6 Picks, max 4 players per team)

3rd Round: All 3 Matches of T20i Series (6 Picks, max 4 players per team)


There will be couple of activities in this contest where SERIES Predictions will carry 5000 Points for both ODI & T20i Series and 2000 Points worth predictions before every match will be asked. So a total number of 26000 Points will be ASKED from the contestants throughout the competition.

1 Post before ODIs and 1 before T20i will be asked about SERIES results. And 8 posts before every ODI & T20i will be asked.


  • Daily Prediction Winners (8 Prizes): Participant/Participants who will score most points will get PKR 100 Mobile Recharge
  • Series Prediction Winners (2 Prizes): Both the winners of SERIES will get PKR 200 Mobile Recharge
  •  FantaPredi Winners (3 Prizes): Special Prizes for i) Fantasy, ii) Prediction & iii) FantaPredi in shape of MUGS / Tees / Shields


  1. You are required to comment on our REGULAR posts in public in order to earn points
  2. Comments before Deadline will be acceptable, must be clear wording used
  3. Always comment with your Original profile, you can also use your BACKUP profile but you’ve to inform the ADMINS and get their approval first
  4. If someone will find Copying/Pasting someone’s predictions or teams in same format, he/she will be disqualified & their will be possibly a BAN imposed on him
  5. Unnecessary comments on the post, SPAM or Abusive attitude is strictly prohibited during the content
  6. Prizes will be given/delivered to the winners once the contest will be over
  7. The decision of management will be final but we will be always available for any fair review as we will calculate results manually
  8. It’s requested to all members to not make any rush for results & wait for the results announcements
  9. ClickCric Management reserves all the rights to make any changes/updates in the competition
  10. In case of any issue/query, you can contact ADMIN of the contest who will post in the Group


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Looking forward to enjoy PAKvNZ encounters with full ZOOM & Dedication!

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