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Top Football Leagues in India

Football in India

The love for football in India has rose swiftly over the past few decades primarily due to the leagues in India which has been providing its fans with ultimate packages of entertainment to enjoy endlessly. This has been further enhanced by the true devotion of football players to the game which makes the game as well as the love of the fans. The true credit goes to the formation of leagues in India.

Leagues in India

There are a number of leagues in India but the top ones are enlisted below:

I league

Ileague is India’s number one top most league which is most admired by all the fans all over India. It is officially known as Hero i league live score. It is contested by a number of ten leagues all around India. The names of the leagues are as following:

  • Minerva FC
  • Mohun Bagan
  • East Bengal
  • Shillong Lajong
  • Gokulam
  • Aizawl FC
  • Neroca
  • Chennai City
  • Arrows

The Ileague has an immense fan following and is currently the number one league in India.

Indian Super League

Following Ileague, the next best league in India is called the Indian Super League. The Indian super league is contested by a total of ten teams too. In this league the matches run from the months of November to March. This league is admired by a very large audience not just in India as well as other places around the world too.

Calcutta football league

The Calcutta football league (CFL) is another outstanding football league in the country. In this league many teams from all over Calcutta. There are about eight thousand and five hundred players who are registered in the Calcutta football league.

I league second division

Ileague second division is ranked as the second most perfect football league after the first ranked ileague in India. It had been initiated in the 2008 year. It had been first known as National football league but is now replaced as the Ileague second division. It comprises various clubs.

Youth league

The youth league is represented under the Indian league and is mainly created for the players who are under the age. This league is attracted by an immense audience. This league is admired by a larger audience due to the fact that it is loved by fans of all ages and mostly the people who are under age.

All these Indian leagues are admired by an immense fan following. The popularity of these leagues is growing since the day they have been initiated. The leagues are loved by various groups of people. The leagues are growing popularity day by day and are growing fame. The top supreme league in India is Ileague while others follow the trend. The Ileague has been retaining its prestige and honour since very long and they are classed the highest rank league in the entire India. The Indian league has been admired by audience from all over the world not just India. They are assisting in the growth of love of football in India.

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