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Who was Better? Kumar Sangakkara or Mahela Jayawardena

Kumar Sangakkara and Mahela Jayawardena were the two dependable pair of Srilankan cricket, Sangakkara and Jayawardene have extended their career as the main pillars of Srilankan batting line-up for more than a decade. The amount of contribution they have made for the Srilankan cricket is exceptionally remarkable and outstanding and which disaffiliate them from the unbend in terms of prestige and amount of runs scored by them.

I had the gratification and pleasure of watching them throughout their corresponding successful careers and during that duration of time, and every now and then, they flabbergast me with something unreservedly breathtaking Individual performance through and through in their successful career.

Kumar Sangakkara

Kumar Sangakkara was born on27 Oc 1977 in Kandy, widely knows as one of the greats of cricket in recent times.Sangakkara starts to play the number of sports in his early age (badminton, tennis, swimming, table tennis and cricket at the junior school).In his early age he wins national colors for badminton and tennis, From the start, his passion is immense in cricket he represents his school and college in (U-13, U-15, U-17, U-19 and X1-Squad).He was awarded Trinity Lion, one of the most prestigious awards awarded to Trinity sportsman, for his exceptional batting and wicketkeeping performance in 1996 season at the age of 19.

Sangakkara made his First-Class Debut in 1997/98 so far he has played up to 257-Matches where he scores a huge pile of 20506-Runs in his career so far with an immense average of 51.91, He scored 62-hundreds and 86-fifties in his successful career. He made his List-A debut in 1997/98 so far he has played up to 538-matches in his career where he scored 19453-runs in his career so far with an average of 43.61, Sangakkara scored 39-hundred and 120 fifties in his List-A career.

Sangakkara made his international debut in ODI vs Pakistan at Galle, Jul 5, 2000, he has played 404 ODI,s where he scored up to 14234-Runs with an average of 41.98, Sangakkara scored 25-hundreds and 93-fifties in his ODI career.while he makes his Test debut vs South Africa at Galle, Jul 20-23, 2000, Sangakkara test career has some exceptional fig in test cricketing world, He has played 134-Test-Matches with an impressive average up to 57.40 and SR of 54.19, he has 38-hundreds and 52-fifties in his Impressive Test-Career for Sri Lanka.

Sangakkara made his international T20 Debut vs England at Southampton, Jun 15, 2006, Sangakkara has played 56-T20-Matches in his T20 Career where he scored 1382-Runs with an average of 31.40 having 8-fifties to his name.Sangakkara has played many county cricket he started his local T20 career back in 2004 against Tamil Union Cricket and Athletic Club at Colombo (Moors), Aug 17, 2004, so far he has played 239-matches in his career with an average of 28.61 and 35-fifties to his name.

Sangakkara has created an impact in world cricket with his cricket skills and ability having a batting impact of 59%, Sangakkara having an impact of 65% winning ration at home and 48% away in his career.

Sangakkara has 42% of failure rate in min 50-Test matches, with the 28-High impact of performance in test cricket with (min 15000 per test).

Sangakkara has March 2006 – August 2008 as one of his most dominant time of period in his cricketing career.Sangakkara Top-order batsman has also had a record breaking wicket-keeping record to his name, Currently, he is 2nd most run scorer in ODI cricket and respectively 5th in test cricket.Sangakkara is the fastest batsman in Test cricket to get (8,000, 9,000, 11,000 and 12,000 runs), with joint highest to get 10000-runs respectively.

He has number of awards to his name ( ICC Cricketer of the Year in 2012, Test Cricketer of the Year in 2012, LG People’s Choice Award twice, ,in 2011 and 2012 , Leading Cricketer in the World in the 2015 edition of Wisdom and ODI Cricketer of the Year multiple times in 2011 and 2013,).Sangakkara has represented ODI and Test World X1,6 times and 3 times respectively in his cricketing career, at present Sangakkara is the highest runs getter in ODI cricket for Srilanka.Sangakkara rated as one the great ODI players in a poll conducted by Cricket Australia.

In February 2009 Sangakkara also has the privilege to captain the Srilankan side into international cricket where he has an impressive record for Srilankan cricket.

Mahela Jayawardena

Mahela Jayawardena was born on 27 May 1977 in Colombo, Know as one of the greats in Srilankan cricket, He is regarded as one of the modern greats of batsmanship.Jayawardena was educated from one of the most famous schools of Srilanka “Nalanda College Colombo”, at very early age Mahela Jayawardena’s father introduced him to Lionel Coaching Clinic that runs by Nondescripts Cricket club in Cinnamon Garden.

It’s Lionel Coaching Clinic who help Jayawardena to learn and practice cricket, in 1994 he captained the first-X1 of  Nalanda College Colombo.He starts his cricket learning from the school and polishes his skills with coaches, in 1994 Jayawardena was awarded as best cricketer of the school of 1994 season. Domestically Mahela Jayawardene played for Sinhalese Sports Club from 1995.

Mahela made hi First-class debut in 1995/96, He has played up to 237-Matches a pile of the score to his name 17838-runs with an average of 49.68, having 51-hundreds and 80-fifties to his name in his first class career.Mahela made his List-A debut in 1995/96, He has played up to 546-matches in his List-A career with having 15421-runs to his name with an average of 33.67, he has scored 21-hundreds and 95-fifties in his list-A career.

Mahela Jayawardene made his international debut in his first test match of his career against India at Colombo (RPS), Aug 2-6, 1997, He has the privilege to represent Srilanka in 149-Test-Matches where he scored piles of runs,11814-runs with an average of 49.84, having 34-hundreds and 50-fifties to his test career for Srilanka.Later on, he made his ODI debut for Sri Lanka in 1998 against Zimbabwe at Colombo (RPS), Jan 24, 1998, He has honored to play 448-ODI-Matches for Srilanka, where he scored 12650-runs with an average of 33.37 having 19-hundreds and 77-fifties to his name in ODI cricket.

Mahela made his T20-International Debut in 2006 against England at Southampton, Jun 15, 2006, He has played 55-T20-International-Matches for Srilanka where he scored 1493-runs with an average of 31.76 having  1-hundreds and 9-fifties to his T20-International career.He also played different county league all over the world represent different county teams, his local T20 career has 220-Matches to his name where he scored 5455-Runs with an average of 29.17 having 3-hundred and 36-fifties to his name.

Mahela is one of the 4th Srilankan batsmen who has scored more than 10000 in their ODI career. he has the record of partnership runs for the 3rd wicket in Tests cricket, scoring 5890-runs.Mahela have an impact of 53% batting in world test cricket, having an average of 79.29% per match.

Mahela have an impact in test in the home with an average of 75% and 32% away respectively, having 41% of failure rate in (min 50 test matches). Mahela having an impact on 21 Test matches (once every 7 Tests), with having a golden time period of his career in November 1999 -September 2001.In 2006 Mahela was named by ICC as best international captain of the year, where in 2007 Mahela nominated as best test player of the year.

Mahela also has the privilege to captain the Srilankan side into international cricket where he has an impressive record for Srilankan cricket and take Srilankan team to make some impressive records in 2009 he handed over the captainship to Sangakkara in all formats.

Impact of Kumar Sangakkara and Mahela Jayawardena

Artistic and refined cricketing shots were possibly are the only shorts in their cricketing books. From Jayawardene’s  magnificent inside out shot over cover to flawless square cuts of Sangakkara, every shot they played was conventionally all and all you can say well-timed and you scarcely ever saw them acquire out playing a reckless stroke.

Conceivably their greatest potential was to bat exceptionally well under pressure and at a time when the team requires them the most. On the number of instances, Sangakkara and Mahela got their team out of Misery with coruscating and sparkling knocks (Sangakkara 192 vs Aussies, Jayawardene’s 180 vs England) are some famous knock they have played. Once they got determine on the pitch they make their authority in that match by outclassing the opponents.

While decent is galore in Jayawardene’s batting, Sangakkara utilizes in a plane that has to prevail irreconcilable to the elevated greats of the game. Jayawardene crosses the inauguration of eminence with his Test average touching 50+, but uncertainty remains about his capability away from the intimate surfaces of the island nation.

Well in the major Tournaments finals, Mahela has featured 32-Finals overall has to average of 38.03 from his overall average of 33.17 with having 1-hundred and 10-fifties to his name in finals.While Sangakkara has featured 27-finals and has an average of 39.34 from his overall average of 40.25, having scored 11-fifties to his name in tournament finals.In major tournaments where five or more teams have participated both Sangakkara and Mahela appeared in 7-finals (World Cup, ICC Champion Trophy, and Asia-cup) where Mahela score 298 runs with an average of 49.66 and Sangakkara is well behind with 239 runs with an average of 34.14.

Sangakkara has few high points in Test cricket as compared to Mahela, and this makes him as one of the best of the modern era in test cricket, where Mahela Jayawardene will stand as the creator of the construction of the Sri Lankan batting in depth.

Well you can say as individual performance Sangakkara has a clear edge over Mahela in any form of the game, while when the bigger occasion or biggest stage is set Mahela has produces some of the best innings for Srilankan cricket ,with each and every inning worth a gold,Sangakkara has great amount of overall achievement’s as compared to Mahela in world cricket although Mahela is known as a significant figure.Both have contributed a lot to Srilankan cricket and for surely known as one of the great players in Srilankan cricketing history.  

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