One Day Cricket World Cup Hosts | 15 Cricket Hosting Nations & Winners

One Day Cricket World Cup Hosts is an interesting thing to know for every fan who loves the game. International Cricket Council (ICC) committee use to make the final decision of hosting nations till date.

The cricket fans usually search around cricket events / tournaments and their schedule or fixtures. The one day cricket world cup hosts is something connects the global fans to bring more excitement and thrill to know about each other cultures.

If you are interested in knowing about the list of countries that hosted the Cricket World Cup in the past or even in the future, we have compiled a list of countries with their respective years.

The Cricket world cup list of hosting countries in order of inaugural event to the most recent dates is as follows:

List of One Day Cricket World Cup Hosts

The hosting rights was directly awarded by ICC to ECB and all of the 15 matches of ODI World Cup 1975 were played in England.

So, England became the first nation in the history of Cricket who were given a chance to set the great stage. They were richly deserving who invented this wonderful game back in 16th century.

Outcome: West Indies (291/8 in 60 overs) became first ever champions by defeating Australia (274/10 in 58.4 overs) in Final Match at Lord’s, London.

For the second time in a row, the decision was made in England’s favor and same number of matches were played in the country.

The event was still new to the world, and the first edition went quite successful. So, the decision of ICC was purely making some sense for cricketing nations who just wanted to get involved in such events.

Outcome: West Indies (286/9 in 60 overs) became champions again, this time they beaten England (194/10 in 51 overs) in Final Match at Lord’s, London.

The third edition of ODI World Cup event was played in year 1983, and this time around India was also in contention. But, England and Wales were chosen as One Day Cricket World Cup Hosts.

A total number of 27 matches were played where England hosted 26 and Wales got a chance for the first time in their history to host 1 match.

Outcome: India (183/10 in 54.4 overs) became new champions by defeating West Indies (140/10 in 52 overs) in Final Match at Lord’s, London.

For the fourth time in row, England was interested but this time around ICC preferred Pakistan and India as hosts.

Out of total 27 matches, India hosted 17 and the global event also witnessed 10 matches on Pakistan’s soil for the very first time in the history of ICC One Day Cricket Tournaments.

Outcome: Australia (253/5 in 50 overs) won against England (246/8 in 50 overs) in Final Match at Eden Gardens, Kolkata.

The fifth edition was bigger and better, In fact more interesting & thrilling contests where the teams wore colored cricket kits.

A great number of 39 matches were played as per rotation policy of One Day Cricket World Cup Hosts. The two neighboring nations were given a chance for the consecutive 3rd time including Australia and New Zealand.

Australia hosted 25 matches and New Zealand were given 14 matches to host the mega event of 1992 world cup.

Outcome: Pakistan (249/6 in 50 overs) became second Asian Cricket Team by winning against England 227/10 (49.2 overs) in Final Match at Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG).

The Pepsi Cup 1996 comprised of 3 Asian sides including India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

Although England & South Africa were interested to host, but again Pakistan & India got another opportunity to serve as hosts in a span of just 9 years.

Out of 37 matches; India hosted 17, Pakistan got the opportunity to host 16 and Sri Lanka were given 4 matches.

Outcome: Pakistan (245/3 in 46.2 overs) became another Asian Cricket Team by defeating Australia 241/7 (50 overs) in Final Match at Gaddafi Stadium, Lahore.

Five teams hosted the ICC ODI Cricket World Cup Tournament played in 1999, that was amazing for the promotion of Cricket.

These nations awarded the hosting rights for not getting the opportunity in 1996. And, a total number of 42 matches where England hosted the most number of matches i.e. 37 games.

The associate Cricketing nations including Scotland (2), Ireland (1), Netherlands (1), and Wales (1) were the team who also enjoyed hosting a bit.

Outcome: Australia (132/10 in 39 overs) won against Pakistan 133/2 (20.1 overs) in Final Match at Lord’s, London.

Finally, the ICC decided to give hosting rights to African countries after a wait of over 28 years and 7 world cup events.

Africa was chosen specifically for not getting a chance in previous world cup, and ICC applied the rotation policy here to justify their selection as One Day Cricket World Cup Hosts.

The most number of matches ever played in any mega event i.e. 54 were played in the whole tournament. South Africa hosted 46 matches because they were the only full-member of ICC out of 3 nations, the others were Zimbabwe who hosted 6 matches and Kenya with just 2 games.

Outcome: Australia (359/2 in 50 overs) defeated India (234/10 in 39.2 overs) in Final Match at Wanderers Stadium, Johannesburg.

The associate nations including Bahamas, Bermuda, and United States were among the bidders of getting the hosting rights. But, the 2 time winner of ICC ODI Cricket World Cup event in 1975 & 1979 respectively were given the opportunity to host.

Yes, it was West Indies who hosted World Cup 2007 event where all the 51 matches were played with great enthusiasm & jubilation.

Outcome: Australia (281/4 in 38 overs) defeated India (215/8 in 36 overs) in Final Match at Kensington Oval, Bridgetown.

So, the routine of 50 over cricketing mega events was going on smoothly almost after every 4 year.

Different nations like Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan and United Arab Emirates (UAE) shown their interest but ICC decided to go with Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and India in 2011.

Out of 49 matches played in the world cup; India hosted 29, Sri Lanka with 12 and Bangladesh (8) for the first time chosen as One Day Cricket World Cup Hosts.

Outcome: India (277/4 in 48.2 overs) chased down against Sri Lanka (274/6 in 50 overs) in Final Match at Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai.

In 2015, the 2 great cricketing nations of Oceania were given another chance to host the CWC event as they were not considered in 2011 edition.

Out of total 49 One Day International matches, Australia and New Zealand shared 26 and 23 matches respectively.

Outcome: Australia (186/3 in 33.1 overs) won against New Zealand (183/10 in 46 overs) in Final Match at MCG, Melbourne.

ICC decided to given chance to England for the 5th time in the history of ICC ODI Cricket World Cup History.

The rotation policy introduced by the ICC previously was applied here to choose England and Wales as hosting nations.

In 2019, a total number of 48 matches were played where England hosted 44 and Wales for the second time hosted a couple of matches (4).

Outcome: England (241/10 in 50 overs + 15/0 in Super Over) won against New Zealand (241/8 in 50 overs + 15/1 in Super Over) in Final Match at Lord’s, London. The match initially tied but England won on boundary count as per ICC Cricket Rules.

  • India (2023)

Who will host 2023 cricket mega event is talk of the town. So, the answer is ‘India’ who is going to be host of One Day Cricket World Cup for the fourth time.

The event’s date is decided i.e. 26 Nov 2023 but further details will be revealed soon including the number of matches, venues, teams etc.

Hopefully, India with financially much stronger than ever will make an impact as One Day Cricket World Cup Hosts.

  • Namibia, Zimbabwe, and South Africa (2027)

The hosting nations are announced and African countries will most likely given the opportunity to host the mega cricket event in 2027.

Namibia, Zimbabwe and South Africa are announced by ICC in the recent times. The other interested countries were Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Australia, England and UAE.

  • Bangladesh and India (2031)

The 2 Asian sides Pakistan and Sri Lanka were interested to host the 2031 One Day Cricket World Cup but the other 2 Asian sides are preferred by ICC as 2031 Cricket World Cup Host Country.

Bangladesh and India are finalized as the hosts of upcoming ICC event.

  • Cricket World Cup 2035 Host

2035 Cricket World Cup hosting country is yet to be decided.

  • ICC Cricket World Cup 2039

Cricket World Cup 2039 is still to be decided by ICC.

Year by Year Journey of ICC ODI Cricket World Cup Hosts

Infographic about the ICC ODI Cricket World Cup Hosts of all-time

Facts about One Day Cricket World Cup Hosts

  • Interestingly, all the test-playing nations have hosted the world cup at least once in history.
  • 15 teams hosted the One Day International mega cricket event including England, Wales, West Indies, Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, India, Ireland, Scotland, South Africa, Namibia, Kenya, and Zimbabwe.
  • Four instance in cricketing history witnessed the hosting nations became the Champions on their soil including Australia (2003), India (2011), Australia (2015), and England (2019).
  • Sri Lanka in 1996 were among the hosting nations but the final match was played in Pakistan.

2023 ICC World Cup 2023 in India | Stadiums and Venues

Are you wondering about which stadiums will host 2023 World Cup? If yes, the following video is for you to watch and know the interesting information:

FAQs related to One Day Cricket World Cup Hosts

Who will host the 2023 Cricket World Cup?

The ICC has already declared that who is hosting 2023 ODI World Cup tournament.

And, it’s none other than ‘India; as the hosting country for One Day International Cricket World Cup 2023 comprises of 50 overs.

How many Host Countries has won the ODI Cricket Tournament?

The 4 nations including Australia, Sri Lanka, England and India won the tournament as hosts where Australia won twice (the most among others).

We will be back soon with T20 Cricket World Cup Host Countries List in upcoming days, so stay tuned !!!

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